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We are really lucky to be playing our two favourite city festivals this month! Come and say hello! /// Rydyn ni'n wirioneddol lwcus i chwarae ein dwy hoff wyl ddinas y mis hwn! Dewch i ddweud helo!

09/10/20 Focus Wales - 10pm Central Station, Wrexham

16/10/20 Sŵn Festival - 11.15pm Moon Club, Cardiff

Motorik Remixes - 140521

We are releasing three remixes of songs from our album Motorik by Cotton Wolf, Charlie Francis and Ratatosk on May 14th on Sub Records /// Rydym yn rhyddhau remixes gan Cotton Wolf, Charlie Francis a Ratatosk ar Mai 14eg ar Sub Records. 

Motorik - 301020

Our debut album, Motorik is now available /// Mae ein halbwm cyntaf, Motorik ar gael rwan:


Spillers Records

Tangled Parrot

Diverse Vinyl

FFOI - 040920

Our second single, FFOI is available to buy or stream. It is available on Bandcamp and all the streaming services /// Rhyddhawyd ein hail sengl, FFOI ac mae ar gael i'w phrynu neu ei ffrydio


Breaking Out - 030720

Our debut single, Breaking Out is available to buy or stream /// Rhyddhawyd ein sengl gyntaf, Breaking Out ac mae ar gael i'w phrynu neu ei ffrydio


BBC Session

A three track session for the BBC can be streamed for free on Soundcloud /// Gellir ffrydio sesiwn tri thrac i'r BBC am ddim ar Soundcloud

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